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Karen Armstrong

About Karen Armstrong

Thank you for your interest in Arizona real estate. Buying real estate is a true investment — whether your primary residence, second home, rental property or commercial acquisition. There are many factors to consider prior, such as knowing the correct area, financial options or outcomes, and timelines. Understanding your ultimate goal is a critical element in planning each individual approach. I would be pleased to have a conversation with you and provide insight and guidance from my twenty+ years as a successful real estate broker in the Phoenix/Scottsdale metro area.

As a North Dakota native and daughter of a former judge, I believe I bring honesty, hard work and rational perspective to each transaction. I obtained my Masters of Business Administration at Arizona State University and decided this was my home. I would love to share the wonder and the opportunities that exist in Arizona.

Along with change, new opportunities arise. I work directly with each client and make it my mission to provide the best advice and service possible, knowing these real estate decisions may impact the rest of your life. I have an experienced team of resources that can assist the process – lenders, hard money, title/escrow company, 1031 exchanges, property management, and general contractors.

Please contact me at 602.369.0767. I would love to discover how I can make Arizona work for you.

Thank you,